iPads for IT Education

Cloontuskert National school, Lanesboro, Co. Roscommon,

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Cloontuskert N.S. is a small rural school in Lanesboro, Co. Roscommon. We have 68 pupils on roll. Our school has a rich history in the sporting arenas of Co. Roscommon, along with a dedication to educational excellence. Unfortunately, due to economic pressures, we are unable to fully prepare our talented pupils for their technological futures. We have identified that I.T. skills are paramount if our students are to have any aspirations in this field for the future. We feel that by providing the pupils with ipads, we can begin to enthuse them, not alone for the present, but for the future too.

The ipads we require will give our pupils the necessary skills, confidence and qualities to participate in a broad spectrum of activities. These would include the ability to participate in all STEM experiments and activities, Maths and Science activities, coupled with the opportunity to improve traditional skills in creative writing pieces. It also provides the platform for our less academic pupils to use I.T. as a means of getting their messages across without the need for a pencil and piece of paper.

Our students fostered a love for I.T. during a six week computer class that is held annually in the school by visiting I.T. instructors. Unfortunately, once the six week course is complete, so too is the pupil’s access to the ipads. We would dearly love to extend the children’s exposure to ipads beyond this six week period each year and integrate them on a daily basis on a whole school level.

To achieve this positive intervention, we need to source sufficient funding to purchase the ipads. Cloontuskert N.S. is not currently classified as disadvantaged by our Department of Education, but it certainly meets all the criteria. As a small disadvantaged school, our last and only avenue in securing these ipads is this alternative funding method. We hope you will support our pupils in their endeavour to enhance their I.T. skills with your generosity and financial assistance. After all, education makes a door to a bright future.

Padraig Connerton

Funds Requested:

$2846.40 10 iPads

TOTAL: $2846.40/ €2500