Making Math Fun

Convent Primary School, Killaloe, Co clare



We are a small, all girls school in the picturesque village of Killaloe, Co. Clare. We have an enrollment of 115 girls and a diverse school population. As part of our School Self-Evaluation program we have chosen to focus on, and improve, our teaching of maths. In line with the newest methods we wish to provide more hands-on and engaging lessons, to enable all of our pupils to reach their full potential. We would use this equipment to implement small group maths initiatives in classes from Junior Infants to 2nd class - with a view to extending this in the coming years. These groups would be very practical in nature with a special focus on problem solving techniques, and an emphasis on challenging each individual to build on their understanding of essential mathematical language and concepts.

Kind regards,
Shirley Morrissey

Funds Requested:

€220 Ready Set Go Maths Starter Kit

€349.99 Mata sa Rang Group Kit

€349.99 Numicon Breaking Barriers Group Apparatus Pack

€139.99 Numicon Breaking Barriers Teaching Book Pack

€129.99 Numicon Firm Foundations Teaching Manual Pack

€139.99 Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 1 Teaching Pack

€112.00 Prim-ed Problem Solving School Pack

€276.00 4 Bee-bots 

TOTAL: €1,717.95 / $2,000