Lego and Literacy Program

S.N. Gort an Choirce, Letterkenny, Co Donegal



The LEGO and Literacy programme as prepared by Maggie Green of The School Door for S.N. Ghort an Choirce, a school in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht which is also rurally disadvantaged area. This programme has been adapted to suit the literacy needs our school through the use of Lego. Being a Gaeltacht school, the children speak only Gaeilge all day except during English class. We want to provide the best education for our children and this programme will help us achieve this.

During literacy workshops at The School Door, the children are asked to use the story cubes and LEGO story kits as a stimulus. The children work in groups and discuss their ideas. When they have come up with some solid ideas they plan their story out on paper. There is a focus placed on the development of oral language skills during our workshops and we like to make sure that the traditional skills are kept at the heart of each lesson. Once the children have a clear and focused idea, they begin to build their stories using LEGO. For children who have difficulty using their imaginations when given a pencil and a piece of paper, this method opens up a whole new world of possibilities. They have discussed their ideas with their peers and then they physically build it. They have something concrete that they can see and touch. This process must be monitored but not over-shadowed by the teacher. 

Giving every child a voice, a way to learn, and a way to show their strengths is key to a happy classroom. Providing a means by which we can motivate and enthuse children helps them to develop strong, authentic literacy skills.

Kind regards
Patricia Uí hArlaigh

Funds Requested:

€820 LEGO Story Starter Kits
(5 kits)

€672 LEGO StoryTales Kits
(6 kits)

€207 Rory's Story Cubes
(5 regular cubes, 6 infant cubes)

TOTAL: €1,699/ $2,005