Literacy Lift Off Program

Lanesborough Primary School, Co. Longford



As part of School Self Evaluation we have identified from our standardised test results in English that our school results are for the most part below the national norms. Through collaborating with other schools we have found that Literacy Lift Off and Reading Recovery programs are proffered as interventions that achieve visible results for schools in a relatively short time frame. However, these programs are usually implemented in designated disadvantaged school that are heavily resourced and funded by the department of education. We are not currently designated disadvantaged, even though our school profile now fits the DEIS criteria. In order to proceed with positive interventions to change the outcomes for our children we need to source alternative funding to purchase the resources and training to implement reading recovery or Literacy Lift Off.

“Literacy Lift-Off”, also known as “Power-Hour” or “Guided Reading”, is an intensive programme of Reading and Writing, which gives the pupils lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency. It gradually lifts the complexity of what they can do in both reading and writing by equipping them with the necessary problem-solving skills. Pupils on the programme would typically be expected to progress at the rate of one level per week.

The aim of Literacy Lift-Off is to make pupils constructive learners. It teaches them ‘how’ to problem-solve independently.

Funds Requested:

€383.10 Gold Set A Fiction (6 sets)

€255.40 Gold Set B Fiction (4 sets)

€44.70 Gold Teaching Guide
€383.10 Silver Set A Fiction (6 sets)

€383.10 Silver Set B Fiction (6 sets)
€229.80 Silver Non-fiction (6 sets)

€44.70 Silver Teaching Guide

TOTAL: €1723.90/ $2,030