The Partnership's Efficiency and Impact Highlighted in the Boston Irish Reporter

The Irish American Partnership’s work for Ireland was recently covered in Joe Leary’s monthly column in the Boston Irish Reporter. Former Partnership President Joe Leary extolled the efficiency of the organization, writing: “In 2017, according to its annual report and IRS filings, the Partnership raised $2.1 million with but 7 percent total in fundraising (2 percent) and administrative (5 percent) expenses. A truly amazing accomplishment. These are the key measurements used by major donors to put a value on their gifts.”

Girls science fair.jpg

In the past year, the Partnership gave direct grants to 53 schools, provided teacher training for 103 teachers, brought science fairs to 7,500 pupils, gave university scholarships to 20 disadvantaged students, and supported 17 community organizations. It also funded pioneering research to identify skills urgently required by technology companies operating in Ireland through job training company Fastrack Into Information Technology (FIT).

Leary urged donors to support the Partnership this December, highlighting the option to direct gifts to a meaningful school or community program: “One of the most appealing parts of the Partnership’s program is a donor’s ability to select where in Ireland the gift will be sent and used. The gift must conform to the Partnership’s stated preferences for education, but within those parameters it can go to a favorite Irish university, an educational jobs program, or a school in the village, town, or county where the donor’s family came from.”

For the full article, titled “An Irish Star in Boston: The Irish American Partnership,” please visit the Boston Irish Reporter.