Partnership Grants $3,500 to St. Patrick's National School in Honor of Paddy Harte Snr.

St Patricks National School 16054M.JPG

The Irish American Partnership gave a grant of $3,500 to St. Patrick’s National School in Murlog, Co. Donegal in honor of Paddy Harte Snr. Mr. Harte was a dear friend of the Partnership and had a deep appreciation of the historic link between the people of Ireland and the United States. He loved Donegal and had a particular affection for his hometown of Lifford, where St. Patrick’s is located.

Mr. Harte, a former Fine Gael TD who represented Donegal for 36 years, was instrumental in the formation of the Partnership. After securing 50,000 Irish pounds of seed-funding from the Irish government, he became one of the founding members of The Irish American Partnership in 1986. His commitment to the Irish-American relationship lives on in the tens of thousands of Irish students, parents, teachers, and communities impacted annually by the Partnership’s grants for education and community development.

If you are interested in giving back to a school in Ireland, please contact Therese Murphy at Annual and recurring gift options are available, as are personal presentations of the grant. Direct grants to schools provide vital educational materials and fortify the historic link between Ireland and the United States.

The Irish American Partnership works to empower the next generation of Irish leaders by supporting educational initiatives and community development programs in Ireland North and South through direct grants to primary schools, science teacher training, university access scholarships, job training, and more. The Partnership provides forums for visiting leaders from Ireland to speak in the U.S., connecting Irish-Americans with their heritage and promoting economic development through tourism, trade, and mutual exchange.