Bringing Science to Life

Sacred Heart National School, co. Wexford 

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The following materials would be of huge benefit to Sacred Heart National School. We are a small rural school based in Co. Wexford, Ireland, consisting of 131 pupils. We are heavily reliant on the generosity of others in order to run our school effectively. It is our hope to enhance the educational opportunities available to our pupils, particularly in the area of science. Unfortunately we have not had the financial resources to purchase some necessary science equipment. We would hope to build upon our current resources with the help and generosity of organisations such as The Irish American Partnership. Our school would benefit hugely from the following science resources which we currently do not possess.

Kind regards,
Lisa Crowe

Funds Requested:

€399.99 Life Size Skeleton
€99.99 Half-scale Anatomical Torso
€24.99 Pumping Heart Model
€59.99 Human Eye (life size)
€59.99 Human Ear (life size) 
€39.99 Dental Care Model
€129.90 Bug Catching Nets (10) 
€139.99 Easy Timers (Class set of 30)
€36.99 LED Torches (Pack of 12)
€36.99 Magnetic Materials Testing Kit
€69.99 Magnetic Connections Electricity Kit
€269.94 Meccano 25 Model Set
€149.94 Meccano Junior Toolbox

TOTAL: €1518.68/ $1824.68