School Orchestra

Saint Feichin's National School, Claremorris, Mayo

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Saint Feichín’s National School (Cross N.S.) is a small school in the parish of Cong, in South Mayo. We have seventy three pupils enrolled this year. Our school has a great love of music and this year we decided to introduce a violin programme to our pupils. It is well established that playing a musical instrument has many benefits in terms of cognitive, social and emotional development and we are very proud that we can offer our pupils the opportunity to learn the violin. We purchased violins which pupils can rent for a small fee. We are also extremely lucky to have a very experienced and talented string teacher who instructs the pupils in music literacy and performance. This year we have twenty enthusiastic pupils learning the violin and we hope to extend that next year.

We would also love to establish our own school orchestra, which would involve purchasing additional instruments i.e. violas and cellos. These instruments are very expensive and we would be delighted to receive some financial assistance. We hope you will support this wonderful initiative and support the arts in our school and local community. 

Best regards,

Sinead Muldoon

Funds Requested:

€900 Cello (2)

€450 Viola (3)

€350 Violin (3) 

TOTAL: €1,700 /($1,994)