Science Teaching Materials

St. Fiacc's National school, Carlow, Co. Laois


Our school is on the outskirts of Carlow town in the South East of Ireland. We currently have 574 pupils in our primary school and numbers are increasing. Our school is a disadvantaged school and unfortunately we have been overlooked as a DEIS school. A lot of our pupils come from difficult circumstances.

This science grant would mean so much to our school and our pupils. Due to lack of equipment, it is difficult to complete hands on experiments and often teachers demonstrate activities due to lack of resources. A lot of teachers provide their own resources from home.

We are always trying to promote science in our school and encourage the children to engage in hands on activities, however this can be difficult.
We want to keep up with scientific development and would love to introduce coding in our school. 

Kind regards,
Karen Kavanagh

Funds Requested:

€445.55 Crumble controller and coding kit
€374.25 Crumble friendly components
€114 Pair of Geared Motors Class pack
€50.25 Pair of Wheels for geared motors
€138 Lighthouse Class Kit (2 kits)
€158 Drawbot Kit (2 kits)
€179 Chemistry Class Bumper Kit
€35 Colour Mixing Kit
€49.99 Digital Microscope 

TOTAL: 1,544 / $1,900